Carbon Spar Orders Due Feb. 15

A group order for carbon fiber masts will be placed with Forte Carbon Fiber Products  on Feb 15, 2017.   This is an unfinished mast without hardware or crane.  The cost without shipping is $1825.

Anyone wishing to participate in this group purchase must write a deposit check payable to Forte Carbon Fiber in the amount of $1000 and send it post marked on or before Feb. 15 to Stewart Harris, 1320 Constitution Ave NE, Washington DC 20002.

The balance $825 will be due when the mast is completed, before the masts ship. No  masts will ship until the balance is paid.  Forte has promised completion of the  masts no later than March 31, 2017.


The mast will be delivered as a bare mast with only the track bonded in place.

The lamination schedule will be the same as all post-2009 I-20 masts, which includes additional carbon at the foot, gooseneck, spreaders and top.

This is an unfinished, unrigged spar and will require installation of a crane and localized carbon wrapping on the sail track. The crane and the sail track are the most common points of failure. Therefore, Class Commodore Aaron Lynn has suggested that each purchaser perform these at a group rigging, with assistance of himself or a qualified boat builder. The group rigging has yet to be scheduled.

The mast will also need to be rigged with:

  • Main halyard sheave,
  • spinnaker halyard block,
  • T-ball fittings for shrouds,
  • jib halyard sheave,
  • spreaders,
  • gooseneck,
  • mast base,
  • halyards,
  • halyard locks,
  • and shrouds.

Sailors will need to bring rigging parts to the group rigging. Willie Crear Boatworks has provided a parts list for rigging a mast.   Purchasers are also free to hire a rigger to do this work.

Shipping is being coordinated and those costs, if any, will be announced when we have finalized the details.  It is entirely possible these spars will be delivered free of charge to Ohio, where they can be picked up.

Below is an itemization of the spar cost.

  • bare spar $1,500.00
  • track mounted $225.00
  • mandrel fee $100.00
  • Total $1825.00

All deposits must be postmarked by February 15, 2017.

This order is being coordinated by Jeff Patten of Indian Lake and Stew Harris of the Potomac with the advice of Class Commodore Aaron Lynn and boat builder Willie Crear.

If you have questions, please leave them as a comment below. We will publish your questions and an answer.  Thank you,

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