1983 Johnson I20 Perfect SOLD!

This boat is no longer for sale.

It is arguably the fastest rig in the river. Sprit conversion by Windward Boat Works.  This is a very stiff hull and deck.  When her skipper is not doing something stupid, this boat wins races against much smarter sailors.

Like most Johnson’s of this era, the boat is laminated with the closed cell equivalent of Corecell.  (back then it was called Air-X) There is not  a soft spot anywhere.

If you are interested or have questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

The team at Johnson Boat Works on White Bear Lake Minnesota used vacuum bagging and very thick gel coat.  They were best scow builders and this boat’s condition is near perfect.

Rigging has been optimized for racing.  Among the great features:

  • Harken windward sheeting car
  • carbon fiber sprit
  • cunningham and boom vang run to mid cockpit, for use by crew or skipper
  • bendy Melges aluminum spar
  • board retraction performed from mid cockpit, for use by crew or skipper

Good North sails with a class legal, cut-down E-scow a-spin.   Mooring cover in good condition covers the entire boat.  Serviceable trailer that recently carried the boat to Indiana.

I am selling this boat so I can concentrate on my next conversion: a 1984.  If interested, leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “1983 Johnson I20 Perfect SOLD!”

  1. Hello, You are building a scow fleet on the Potomac River near DC? Or? I-20’s? or? Thanks, Chad Attwood 443-995-6773

  2. Hi- I had no idea there is a scow fleet around DC. I grew up racing m-20s in upstate NY and would be interested to join. I have a very old M in poor condition but would love to get back into racing.

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