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1989 Melges I-20 Sold!

This listing sold in 4 days on

  • New bottom and top traveling covers , plus good trailer or buoy cover.
  • Escow rudders
  • 2011 set of north sails with only 2 seasons (light use)
  • deck step mast
  • Great trailer with new tires
  • Fixed forestay conversion at same time as sprit installation

The boat is  30lbs light. I figure this boat was in the water 2 times before I got it. The woodwork is spotless mint not refinished. The trailer has new bearings and hubs and the tires were replaced due to age. Otherwise spotless. Wood tie downs look like it just left Zenda.

I have a need to move this out asap. Please let me know what you think.

Conversion performed by the great and all powerful Willie Crear. (Pay no attention to Oz, behind the curtain there) Willie documented the entire process on his website because that is the kind of guy hge is!  See how the sausage is made at   Feel free to contact Willie, too.

For more info, call owner Pat Fleming at (deleted).