Scow Camp Nov. 1-2

This event is free and open to everyone who is interested in Scows and those who are already into the class.

Our guest this year is famous Minnesota boat builder Willie Crear.  Willie builds startlingly beautiful Inland 20s He also manufactures newfangled carbon fiber rudders with the slippery elliptical cross section.  These deeper rudders help keep the boat tracking at hot downwind angles.  Expect to see some sample rudders at scow camp.

In addition to tentative water time, evening get-togethers are planned.

An informal meet and greet for Willie is planned Friday  at the home of Rob Gosselink. (Details below.)
A dinner and shuffleboard session with Willie  will be held Saturday at the home of Tim Dickson.  (Details below.)


Oct. 31, Friday Evening: Welcome get-together for our visiting scow expert, Willie Crear.  Munchies and possibly chili likely. 7:30pm at the home of Rob and Mary Beth Gosselink (Avocado), 1353 East Capitol St. SE, Washington DC.

Nov. 1  Saturday: Meet at lifts at 9am and and we will make a decision at 9:30 if we splash. Please rig your boats in advance so we waste no time. Boat Measurement and tuning by Willie Crear will occur Saturday on an ad hoc basis.    Please be rigged at 9:30am so there is no waiting around if we decide to splash.

Nov. 1 Saturday Evening: Briefing and Chow at home of Tim and Albie Dickson (OSP), 500 Cathedral Dr., Alexandria VA.  Get to know Willie even better!

Nov. 2 Sunday: possible tuning clinic on the hard and dry if storm cancels sailing…and that looks likely.