Maggie and Suzy-ADOPTED!

Two Aussie girls found a soft landing…

ADOPTED! Suzy and Maggie have been “sisters” for three years and have found for a new home where they can stay together.  Maggie is the older one, at least nine years, maybe more. She is a double merle with blue eyes and freckles, who was rescued from an icy road during a snowstorm after her brother got hit by a car.  Suzy is all about play and fun. She’s a three-year-old split face, black tri with great capacity to learn.  She is food motivated. Suzy may be one of sweetest Aussies on the planet with an energy level of five on a scale of ten.  She will roll over for pets from strangers and just thrills to swim and romp. 

These girls LOVE human affection. They are amazing with children, even very young ones.  Unlike a lot of herding dogs, Maggie seems to enjoy up-close cuddling.  Suzy is fine with it, too. But truthfully, Suzy wants an adventurous handler who is going to teach her fun new skills.

Both girls are spayed, are up to date with shots and have been well cared for in West Virginia. Mom was broken-hearted to let them go, but she is spending more and more time taking care of her 88-year-old dad.

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