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Practice Day in the Lagoon

With light winds, four Inland 20s made the decision not to follow the other fleets to the start line.  Instead, we practiced light air spinnaker work in the lagoon.  There were a bunch of new scow sailors.  Team Dickson showed up with son Brody and his  friend Jack, who got to move the stick.   Avocado was driven by Jack Sheehan and fellow Sailing Club of Washington sailor, Jeremy. These savvy salts got their  hull out of the water and saw the resulting speed.  Good job!

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More scow sailors than you can count!

Great team: Bill and Claire, with spoon

I am always on the prowl for scow sailors to share knowledge about our flat-bottom racing boats. So, you can imagine my enthusiasm when one of the winning-est competitive sailors on the Potomac informed me that there was a “Scow Ball.”  As if that wasn’t enough, my good friend also asked if Karen and I would be kind enough to share a table with him and his sailing companion at the “Scow Ball.”

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New York Sate E Scow Champs

The 28-foot E scow is big cousin to the I-20, with half again as much sail and hull.  At 1000 lbs., E scows might take longer to accelerate, but their top speed upwind is magnificent.  Some say the I-20 is just as quick downwind with the chute filled, but I would not be looking for this drag race after what I saw during a weekend flying the aspin on an E scow known as “E-ruption” during the New York State championships at Lake Chautauqua, New York. Continue reading New York Sate E Scow Champs