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A collection of old and not so old scows for sale. We dont make them brand new…but we breath new life into these boats!

Many Thanks To Larry…

Flying the a-spin in front of the war college

Credits for this boat reconstruction project are due  and I need to start where it all started, with Larry Gonyea from Wisconsin, who sold us this 1977 Melges for $1000 with trailer.  This photo was from the boat’s first a-spin hoist in front of the War College on a gybe up the Potomac.  Larry asked us to post a photo…so here it is.  Great boat, Larry!  Thank you.

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SOLD-1977 Melges

This is a beautiful I-20 converted from a 1977 Melges M-20.  Melges is still making M-20s.  This one looks like it got very light use … and was mothballed for a few decades.   Blue and white hull is nearly perfect.  Check out the cool green non-slip deck.   Sails are just a season or two old…very stiff.