Aggie Was Here!

Our  nutty Aggie departed this life on Thursday January 12, 2012. She apparently died of a stroke at home on the settle where she slept.  Aggie was a special girl who always seemed to leave an “impression” on those who knew her.  If you would like to add a comment below, we will treasure it as we attempt to collect our memories of this sweet dog.  We want to extend a special “thank you” to Angie and Mary of Capitol Critter Sitters, who found Aggie’s body and are always so incredibly thoughtful and kind.   For that matter, we want to say “Thank You” to everyone who attempted to understand and comfort this curious little beast during her 11 years with us.

Much love, Karen and Stew


Goodbye Mike

A quiet moment...

We are very sorry to say that Mike (aka Miguel Lopez) died at home, Tuesday, Dec. 6.  Our buddy was 11 years old, going on 12.  He had been diagnosed with cancer in September and hung on for more than two months with his usual good humor and big ol’ smile. We  always felt he was just on loan to us.  So it helps a bit to think someone else might be enjoying this angel now.

In lieu of flowers or a card, we would love if you shared a “Mike memory” here on this page, in the comment box below the photos… or on any of the picture pages you can open by clicking on the thumbnails below.  Thank you and much love, Stew, Karen and Aggie.


Kite Aerial Photography

The camera is suspended from the line, which is attached to the kite, creating a bit of a shock absorber.  A battery powered servo rotates the camera rig every 30 seconds and snaps a picture.  Winds can blow the camera around, so we use a fast shutter of at least 1/400 second.  It takes about 12 mph of wind to lift the rig.  On this day, we had 15-20 mph and the kite shot up like an elevator with almost no coaxing.  The view is of the Congressional Cemetery on Capitol Hill.  It is a 35-acre burial ground with about 55,000 “residents.”  The river is the Anacostia, a tributary of the mighty Potomac.  Big thanks to kite wrangler Rasheed Willis for his exceptional work on this project.




A bit of a disappointment?

Chewed up and spit out by the racing sailers of the Potomac River Sailboat Racing Association, our Scow crew contemplate their loss…