A bit of a disappointment?

Chewed up and spit out by the racing sailers of the Potomac River Sailboat Racing Association, our Scow crew contemplate their loss…


Strong Winds Make for a Fast Day

Jeff is an activist sailor who likes to stay busy. No trouble with that this Saturday as the shifting winds required constant trimming and the currents were just fierce after five days of rain following Hurricane Irene. All this was a bit funny because when we put up the sails at 7:30 it looked like we were going to be paddling the boat more than sailing…ha!

SOLD-1977 Melges

This is a beautiful I-20 converted from a 1977 Melges M-20.  Melges is still making M-20s.  This one looks like it got very light use … and was mothballed for a few decades.   Blue and white hull is nearly perfect.  Check out the cool green non-slip deck.   Sails are just a season or two old…very stiff.

A Love Letter to the Anacostia

The first time we sailed the Anacostia she snarled at us and spun our boat around like a pinwheel. But on a recent Saturday afternoon, a solid southerly delivered us under the South Street Bridge right to the edge of the new Nationals Ball Park.  Up a bit farther we saw the museum ship the USS Barry.  More than 22 ships were built in the Washington Navy Yard here in the Anacostia River. Even the USS Constitution, old Ironsides, was refit there in 1812.  Today, you see mostly motor cruisers, party boats with bands and the occasional sailing scow.