8-12 knots of wind, 5-8 knots hullspeed over ground

Great southerly blew strong most of the day.  A-spin up on first gybe.  We shimmied up to the 14th St bridge, averaging 6 knts, dropped the chute and beat home. 

Heeling at 15-18 for the majority of the return trip.  I was sheeting out too much and should have played the main traveler more.

Okay...pic tilted for dramatic effect, but we were hiking all day

Kept seeing luffing in the front of the main when I did not think we were pinching. Dropped the jib traveler which might have been backwinding the main.  Seemed to give us a little bit more speed.

This was curious: port tacks typically only dropped to 4+ knots.  Starboard tacks dropped to 3 knots.  Saw this consistently.  Wondering if human error or some boat dynamic. Karen is getting pretty good flying the a-spin and dousing.  I need more practice keeping the chute from flying ahead of the forestay on the gybe.

Rudders hum too much and need feathering at back edge.   Karen complains of hand soreness…look into new jib sheets.

Happy Stew at end of day


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