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Scow Camp 2016

Ohio scow experts Jeff Patten and Joe Ewing crewed for Potomac  sailors Jack Sheehan, Carl Schaefer, Will Fenn, Trip Hook and others,  as a way to transfer some knowhow.

Potomac sailors wrote down their impressions afterward and we share this now as a way to help everyone appreciate what these generous sailors imparted during their weekend in our fair city.  

Jeff and Joe…thank you sooo much for your long drive and gracious coaching! Continue reading Scow Camp 2016

Scow Camp 2014

Sharing a lifetime of sailboat savvy, much of it in scows,  Minnesota boat builder Willie Crear answered questions and challenged assumptions  during the third annual Scow Camp in the Potomac.

With winds howling at 30 plus, about 12 scow sailors huddled with Willie for a white board discussion in the Charleston Room at the Washington Sailing Marina.  That was followed by a boat-by-boat review of the vintage Inland 20 fleet. Continue reading Scow Camp 2014

Coach Caulfield Says “Heel the Boat!”

National scow champion Kevin Caulfield shared many fine points of scow sailing, but underlying it all was this simple premise:  heel your boat to reduce wetted area.

With winds of 6knots or less, it was everyone to the lee rail.  Our next tip was to use the sails to steer the boat and minimize rudder action.

How well did that go?  Check the photos below and see if you can tell which sailors are steering with sheets instead of tillers.  We have invited Coach Caulfield to comment on these photos as well…lest you forget!