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Lots of Learning at Scow Clinic

Two days under the tutelage of scow racing champion Kevin Caulfield gave local sailors lots to absorb and put to practice.  With light air both days, Coach Caulfield emphasized  heeling and the importance of heads-up crew work to keep the big boats moving.

Three I-20s and one M-16 participated Nov. 10-11 with sailors coming as far away as Hoboken New Jersey and Chautauqua New York.

Georgetown Sailing Team loaned a skiff for the event, giving Coach Caulfield maximum maneuverability as the big scows glided through the paces.  A more extensive write up is  coming shortly.  Meanwhile…enjoy these pix from Day 2, which offered a soft south breeze filling the spinnakers to Haines Point.

Scow Clinic Nov. 10-11

Kevin Caulfield

A national champion scow sailor comes to the Washington Sailing Marina Nov. 10-11 to teach  basics and finer points of making our boats go faster.   Kevin Caulfield has won national championships in the I20 scow and its precursor, the M20 scow.

Meteorologists are calling for 60 degrees, partly cloudy skies and mild southern winds Saturday and Sunday.

Caulfield currently skippers A scows, the 38-foot speed monsters that can top 30+ knots. He is planning to share his knowledge over two days of sailing at Daingerfield Island/Washington Sailing Marina and will be staying with scow sailors on Capitol Hill with lots of opportunity for chalkboard talks.

This event is free to anyone who wishes to learn about scows, including the sailors of Potomac River Sailboat Association and the Daingerfield Island Sailing Club.

The clinic begins 10am Saturday and Sunday with shore lunches both days at 1pm.  Afternoon sailing will continue as long as weather permits.  Rain cancels.

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