Coach Caulfield Says “Heel the Boat!”

National scow champion Kevin Caulfield shared many fine points of scow sailing, but underlying it all was this simple premise:  heel your boat to reduce wetted area.

With winds of 6knots or less, it was everyone to the lee rail.  Our next tip was to use the sails to steer the boat and minimize rudder action.

How well did that go?  Check the photos below and see if you can tell which sailors are steering with sheets instead of tillers.  We have invited Coach Caulfield to comment on these photos as well…lest you forget!

4 thoughts on “Coach Caulfield Says “Heel the Boat!””

  1. This was a fantastic clinic; I’m personally planning on attending this event every year. In my opinion the lessons taught here by Kevin are essential to racing these boats, if of course you plan on being competitive. My crew from Chautauqua, NY has been rehashing what was said and what was learned. I’ve been racing scows for well over 15 years; and on a personal note; I took back so much from this event. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how these lessons effect and help each of us; see you all at the next event.
    Kevin keep it up I’m looking forward to the next one.

  2. When I asked Coach Caulfield why that identical boat over there was passing
    us, he coached us thru a spinnaker trim and steering routine that
    propelled us right by the other boat. He definitely knows how to squeeze
    every bit of performance out of the scows and how to communicate that
    knowledge to all of us. It was a great experience, and I look forward to
    putting his lessons to work — maybe even with some wind!

  3. Thank you Coach Caulfield. I learned so much about skipper/crew communication on Mr. Whistlebritches. Steve and I would be marveling at how fast and pretty all the other boats looked as they whizzed by us. Then along came Coach Caulfield guiding us to “heel it up.” We’d get our butts in the water and zoom, we were up at Haines Point looking for cherry blossoms. Thank you for your patience and sharing your expertise and friendship with us.

    It was fun to get together and learn new scow tricks from Eric and the Chautauqua crew, Dijon and Jerry, and David from New Jersey. And thanks to the locals David G, Jason and Skipper Steve for increasing the Daingerfield Island scow pirate brigade Thank you Rob for the wonderful dinner at Zest. Raphael and Jerry –the photos are beautiful and instructive. I learned that I would be disqualified in a race for clutching the side stays. And, a very special thank you to Stew– I must admit– Scow camp was a blast.

  4. What a great event! It was great to see old friends and make new ones. Thanks to hosts Stew and Karen for their organizing efforts and to Coach Kevin for coming in from the Midwest.

    It was great to have Coach Kevin providing tips from right on the water. Kevin really got me thinking about sail shape and tuning for the extreme light air.

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