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  1. Aggie was a churning, sputtering, constant state of agitation. Like the tiny neutrino, one could not hold this energy or measure it. Not wattage, not candlepower nor calories. No mathematical basis, or fractal logic. Aggie energy was a collision of psycho-cosmic forces that might map like a Jackson Pollock, but in multiple dimensions. Aggie was a 3D Rorschach test splattered across our lives.

    When focused, this energy astounded. As long as we knew her, Aggie chased sticks. But this was no simple game of fetch. You see, Aggie did not return the objects we hurled. No. The point of chasing sticks for Aggie was to outrun the object being thrown so it could be intercepted before it hit the ground. I played third base; I pitched hardball. I have an arm. The harder I threw, the more energy Aggie focused into spring-loaded accelerative thrusts. The blur captured at the fastest shutter speeds put her rear feet well ahead of her nose, uncoiling stiff legs in four or five leaps to top out at a speed I conservatively put at something like 35 or 40mph. No radar gun to record this, but there is some evidence to support it. She literally overran many of the things I threw…to the point that they hit her in the back of the head. Once she was underway…our furry 55-pound missile could not be slowed. Others observed what I am describing here and all agree: this was astonishing.

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