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First Splash-2011

Our friends Ed and Georgette met us at the Washington Sailing Marina bright and early to learn the ropes on the M16 and try their hand at tacking and gybing.

Even at 9am when we wheeled the boat to the lift, it was feeling balmy with temps on their way to a high of 58F. March 5 is still winter, but you would never know it.  A soft 4-8 knot southerly rippled the water with promise. Continue reading First Splash-2011

New York Sate E Scow Champs

The 28-foot E scow is big cousin to the I-20, with half again as much sail and hull.  At 1000 lbs., E scows might take longer to accelerate, but their top speed upwind is magnificent.  Some say the I-20 is just as quick downwind with the chute filled, but I would not be looking for this drag race after what I saw during a weekend flying the aspin on an E scow known as “E-ruption” during the New York State championships at Lake Chautauqua, New York. Continue reading New York Sate E Scow Champs