The Cherry Blossom Tour

The Cherry Blossom excursion felt more like a sleigh ride with 18 mph winds gusting to the high 20s.  Stew and Jeff started the day with a short outing in the M-16 to test the new lines and cleats.  From the dock where I watched with Scowman Rob Gosselink, the boat looked like a Winslow Homer: Breezing Up.  Normally, I am in the hiking straps myself, so it was a rare treat to see the  M-16 from outside the boat, all heeled up and moving fast.   They only managed a dozen tacks because Jeff had to head home to visit with out-of-town guests.  So, Rob, Stew and I dropped the I-20 in to the river and quickly scooted across over to the Anacostia side.

Jeff is all smiles after ride in the M16

Just outside Bolling Air Force base, we set up a beam reach and shot south at 11 knots with the bow planing and the boards humming.  We tacked back and, amazingly, hit the same speed beating upwind.   The boat heeled up and just stayed there, with water washing over the leeward deck.  Stew talks about this “dynamic harmony” all the time, but until you get that hull in the air and start flying along, it is hard to appreciate the forces at play on this amazing boat.

Yes…the blossoms were in full bloom on Hains Point. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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