1978 Melges M20 in NJ-Make Offer

IMG_20160704_103410285_HDR(1)We’ve never seen this boat in person, but it sure looks pretty from the photos. Owners says it was alwasys stored on trailer or lift. Leave a message at bottom and we will let the owner know you are interested. Entertaining all offers.

This from the owner: It hasn’t been modified since delivery and wasn’t raced.  There are two covers, full and mooring that could be used as patterns to fab new.  The boat is titled, and I have same.  I am unable to find any soft spots in hull; similar resonant sound to rapping with knuckle.  Bailers were left open while stored and always covered with 3 layers and boom in place to make tent.  No voids or cracks to interior or exterior.  A few gel coat stress lines around deck fittings.  There is one small breach of bottom gel coat, 1/8″ X 3/4″, made when rudder knocked off during trailer parking.  Breach is shallow and doesn’t communicate or reveal any structural changes on interior.  Area of breach is near steering shaft and is MFG with extra Matt/cloth on inside.  Boat hasn’t been in water since incident and looks easily sealed up with resin.  Didn’t find any receipts for new sails.  Current sails, Dacron?, stored in a bag and feel stiff.  I will look more closely for possible MFG date.  The boat saw very light use and none at least since 1999.  Dad had many other toys; ski boat, 3 airplanes. When in use it was always lifted out of water on aluminum free standing hoist, also available.  Off season, boat was on trailer in garage or covered outside.  Always covered, bailers open, and I am unable to find evidence of damage.

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