W.E.S.T Epoxy M Scow-SOLD!

W.E.S.T Epoxy M Scow for sale. This boat was built by master boat builder Bob Pagel. He built only two boats in this class. He was married to Jane Pagel who was a Rolex sailor of the year. Boat was built in 1977.

The owner raced it on Sundays only between Memorial Day and Labor day always finishing in the top 3 places. He raced until the mid 80’s when the Lake he was on switched to MC Scows. After that it was pretty much in inside storage, it was always stored inside. It is is great shape and  needs to get out and get racing again. Sails include, Melges, Nelson and UK Someone is going to be very proud to own this boat. Contact peter at pvk1655@gmail.com

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