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Scow Racing on the Potomac (and elsewhere)

Practice Day in the Lagoon

With light winds, four Inland 20s made the decision not to follow the other fleets to the start line.  Instead, we practiced light air spinnaker work in the lagoon.  There were a bunch of new scow sailors.  Team Dickson showed up with son Brody and his  friend Jack, who got to move the stick.   Avocado was driven by Jack Sheehan and fellow Sailing Club of Washington sailor, Jeremy. These savvy salts got their  hull out of the water and saw the resulting speed.  Good job!

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Prez Cup 2014

The I20 fleet launched four scows Sept 6, including the newcomer “Barnstormer,” a beautiful 1974 Melges converted by  Also competing was a  TC Williams high school team driving the 1977 Melges known as Avocado.

South winds built from a morning of 10 mph to an afternoon of 15.

The fleet ran four races.  To keep things safe, spinnakers were tucked below deck for the last two races, when winds peaked at a solid  15 mph.

Race 4 was won by High Schooler Mac Dickson and his teammates Mohammed and Ford.  Barnstormer driven by Carl Schaefer scored a second in the first race.  UffDah! took three firsts largely due to clean hoists and douses by crew.  Good starts helped a bit.

A  heartbreaker occurred in race number one when Tim Dickson’s OSP collided with a catamaran, ripping the scow’s nose open.  That boat is off for repairs and Tim is vowing to be back for the fall series.  In race 4, we saw a capsize of Barnstormer.

Pl Sail Crew From 1 2 3 4 T
1 806 Stewart Harris & Karen Currie PRSA-WSM 1 1 1 2 5
2 519 Mac Dickson & Ford & Mohammed PRSA 3 2 2 1 8
3 F314 Carl Schaefer & Sarah Harvey PRSA 2 3 3 5\DNF 13
4 1 Tim Dickson & Braden Copeland DC SAIL, AYC 5\DNF 5\DNS 5\DNS 5\DNS 20