Practice Day in the Lagoon

With light winds, four Inland 20s made the decision not to follow the other fleets to the start line.  Instead, we practiced light air spinnaker work in the lagoon.  There were a bunch of new scow sailors.  Team Dickson showed up with son Brody and his  friend Jack, who got to move the stick.   Avocado was driven by Jack Sheehan and fellow Sailing Club of Washington sailor, Jeremy. These savvy salts got their  hull out of the water and saw the resulting speed.  Good job!

After an 90 minutes of blowing around, the other fleets had retreated to the docks, reporting no wind for a start.  Hate to see it, but glad we stayed in the lagoon!

One thought on “Practice Day in the Lagoon”

  1. I was interested in the Scow sailing on the Potomac. I raced on E-Scows in Sarasota all winter. This was my first season with these boats and they are great fun. Many years ago raced Albacores at the PRSA. Currently retired in Annapolis sailing a cruiser on the Bay.

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